Beauty Products and Services

May 19, 2016


ASSIGNMENT: Hempz, wanted to break through the crowd of tanning lotions that were shouting each other down about this emulsifier or that cleansing agent. We told them to be famous for something bigger.

HEADLINE: Sometimes, you just gotta love the bad seed.



HEADLINE: It’s your dark little secret.



HEADLINE: Pot not included.





ASSIGNMENT: Novopelle, a laser hair removal center in Dallas, wanted to connect with women who work hard on their appearances.

HEADLINE: A closet full of low-cut blouses. Countless hours at the gym. A small fortune in push-up bras. And he can’t stop staring at my upper lip.



HEADLINE: I spend half my pay check on a new look from the hair salon. But what hair does the hot guy on the elevator notice?



HEADLINE: An hour a day on the treadmill. Four Pilates classes every week. And he doesn’t want to touch my legs?