Month: June 2016

16 Jun 2016



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My team created a range of pieces including TV, direct mail, emails, landing pages and digital ads to help generate leads for Terminix. Once the lead was established, Terminix would send in a Termite or Pest Inspector to visit the home, make an estimate and close the sale. This brochure is an example of the type of material my team and I would create to assist the sales team in closing the sale. It followed a sales process providing the leads with information, education, a solution, an estimate and an agreement.


TERMINIX “Bed Bug Mattress” B2B Direct case study

TERMINIX 2012 integrated campaign


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TruGreen Lawn Care, a sister-company to Terminix, wanted to start making direct online sales, so my team worked with our clients to help them shape this process and the user experience then we designed and wrote an entire new website for them. The site can be customized to lawn needs and conditions based on ZIP code and information supplied by the user. This required hundreds of versions of plans and pages based on a depth of geographic, horticultural and botanical information. And, of course, it all had to be put into language that was simple and appealing enough for consumers to understand and use on their own.


DISCOVER NETWORK is the backbone (or B2B) side of DISCOVER CARD. Along with creating the “Know Better” B2B brand campaign for Discover Network, we were asked to completely recreate their website in a way that it could inform two key audiences: merchants and financial institutions. Working closely with the financial experts at DISCOVER my team and I created their new site including a content-rich copy deck of more than 1,000 pages capable of answering complex professional questions as well as engaging financial systems newcomers like independent merchants. (Note: while the site has been re-skinned, the wealth of content we generated for the site remains fundamentally in tact.)



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GlaxoSmithKline makes a major push to influence public policy. With an audience that includes members of congress, physicians and medical boards, the insights must be deep but easy to understand. This brochure is one of many pieces we created for this effort including web sites, presentations, videos, speeches and ad campaigns. And for what it’s worth, the key points we promoted in our efforts—prevention, intervention and innovation—became the central tenants behind the Affordable Care Act.



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The Terminix app was a CRM tool. It was designed to give Terminix customers a simple way to reschedule treatments, check billing status and perform other common account management tasks. My team and I developed the information architecture, created the designs and wrote the copy.


SUBARU “Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive” microsite


The Subaru All-Wheel Drive microsite doesn’t feel highly technical. And that’s by design. It’s an in-depth look at the five specific variations on the Subaru All-Wheel Driving system which bring the benefits of this advanced technology to life in a way car buyers can grasp and appreciate. We gave it the elements of a who, what, when, where, why framework so it would be easy to follow. We gave each of those elements personality and engagement so that the audience would want to follow it.

In_It_For_Me_1 In_It_For_Me_3 In_It_For_Me_2 In_It_For_Me_4



Over a five-year period, I helped GlaxoSmithKline develop communications for public reputation, lobbying and over-the-counter brands. My work for GSK ranged across the media spectrum including: TV, radio, websites, collateral materials, email campaigns, social media, speeches, presentations and lobbying strategies.



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The “Rivals” campaign for Goody’s and BC Powders

  • This was a consumer-facing social media campaign aimed at blue-collar families in the Southeastern US.
  • We created a rivalry in which Richard Petty and Trace Adkins battled over who was tougher and whether BC or Goody’s was better for tough pain.
  • The campaign was made up of Facebook and Twitter posts and videos of Richard and Trace competing in various challenges.
  • In a promotional element, fans were encouraged to pick sides.
  • The campaign generated 2.4 million impressions via social media alone.
  • The concept extended beyond social media with radio spots and point-of-sale pieces.

Campaign case study

“Bickering” radio

Speech Therapist radio



03 Jun 2016

Digital Writing & Concepts

So, what makes for true digital writers?

They’ve got to be able to find the perfect short punchy statement.

And also the deep, emotional description.

They’ve got to be able to craft countless versions based on piles of data

And also that one bullseye message based on gut instinct.

They’ve got to be architects of information.

And also players in a fast-moving improv.

Below are a few samples of my digital writing.

They were all designed to meet client objectives.

And also win the hearts and minds.

Subaru “Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive” microsite

Honda “Graduate” social media game campaign

Samsung GS8 video

Nationwide Insurance: Digital display ads from various campaigns

SUPERPAGES.COM “We Know Around Here” Digital Campaign

Terminix display ad and app

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Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 12.04.37 AM

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03 Jun 2016

Music-Driven Pieces

We were asked to get 411 into the head of anyone looking for a phone number. Got out a guitar and created an ear worm.


We continued our 411 earworm efforts with radio spots featuring indie singers from across the country.