Month: January 2017

27 Jan 2017

gday automotive


In the past, you could draw customers to a dealership with ads for a different “once-a-year” sales event every weekend. Now, with the transparency the web brings to the parity in pricing, incentives and inventory, there has to be something else to set one dealer apart from another. You have to make the dealer famous for something.

You hear “Lifetime guarantee” so often you hardly even notice it. But when you can get that on a car, it’s worth taking a step back and thinking of how long life really is.

When a car dealer has stood the test of time in a city, you know they’re doing something right. We told that story against the notable timeline of Seattle.

These days, the Holy Grail of automotive advertising is to get the car shopper the your dealership website. We found a way to do one better. We brought the dealership — or dealer association — website right to the shopper on whatever site they were on.



The Northwest Toyota Dealer Association spanned the rugged states of Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. We worked with them to make the Toyota brand story particularly relevant to life in these places with harsh weather, mountain roads and a love for adventure.

In northwestern locations like Montana and Idaho, Toyota wanted to make Truck Month about toughness. It got a little hairy.

“Tough as nails” isn’t tough enough for Toyota drivers in the Northwest.

When summer comes around in the Northwest, all kinds of adventures come to mind. We made Toyota the way you get to those adventures.



Being a longtime leader, Honda is always in the crosshairs. Competitors constantly say they have more leg room, more cup holders or more color packages than Honda. So we pointed out to car shoppers that when you really get online and do the research, you’ll see why choosing anything other than Honda is simply settling.

You can get a Civic for less than many people spend on coffee each day. (Make that 2 Civics if you work in advertising.)

The research says the CR-V is just right.

Luxury features without the luxury price tag.

For the younger demographic of recent college grads, we brought on a different message using a very different medium.



Subaru is a great David to the car world’s Goliaths. They’re small, agile and smart. And when your job as a marketer is to create interest in a product, that’s a great place to start.

Subaru has a very unique brand, and the fullest manifestation of this uniqueness is the Subaru All-Wheel Drive System.

The thing with Subaru people is this: When you get it, you get it. We used this spot to launch a campaign about just that.

There are certain days when you just wish you had a Subaru. On those bad weather days, we made sure to plant the seed of that thought.

A new Legacy and Outback design took Subaru from a pure utility to an all around thing of beauty. We brought that to life in

10 Jan 2017

Healthcare Communications

GSK In-Game Videos

ASSIGNMENT: Using in-game videos designed to play at Washington Redskins games, create awareness about the extent of chronic disease issues.


BC & Goody’s Social Media Campaign

ASSIGNMENT: Two brands of headache powder. Two tough-guy spokesmen. Seemed like a fight could break out at any time. So we embraced it in the form of a social media campaign. Using the Facebook pages of Goody’s-user Richard Petty and BC-user Trace Atkins, we posted jabs back and forth about who has the better headache powder. We created videos and a separate Pick-A-Powder Facebook page. And we stoked the fires with short videos of Richard and Trace trying to show each other up.


GSK “Save Big” Print Campaign

ASSIGNMENT: While “saving lives” sounds great in a speech, we understood that when it came to healthcare reform, members of congress would ultimately vote with their pocket books…just as most people do.


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