Healthcare Communications

January 10, 2017

GSK In-Game Videos

ASSIGNMENT: Using in-game videos designed to play at Washington Redskins games, create awareness about the extent of chronic disease issues.


BC & Goody’s Social Media Campaign

ASSIGNMENT: Two brands of headache powder. Two tough-guy spokesmen. Seemed like a fight could break out at any time. So we embraced it in the form of a social media campaign. Using the Facebook pages of Goody’s-user Richard Petty and BC-user Trace Atkins, we posted jabs back and forth about who has the better headache powder. We created videos and a separate Pick-A-Powder Facebook page. And we stoked the fires with short videos of Richard and Trace trying to show each other up.


GSK “Save Big” Print Campaign

ASSIGNMENT: While “saving lives” sounds great in a speech, we understood that when it came to healthcare reform, members of congress would ultimately vote with their pocket books…just as most people do.


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