Month: December 2018

21 Dec 2018

Response-Driven Communications

All advertising and marketing communications should be seen as response-driven, but those of us who have been in the trenches — the world of response rates, DM tactics, email campaign optimization, web analytics — we know that all response is not created equally.

If you’ve ever obsessed over a Johnson Box, labored for hours over subject lines, or gotten intimately acquainted with audience personas, this page filled with response-driven minutia is just for you.


Terminix is a response-driven machine. The company reaches out to 60-million U.S. households every year. And some of those households receive six to nine touches depending on variables like climate zone and demographics. The point of those communications? Drive action.

Each year, our Publicis team developed a range of creative options for direct mail and email promoting a collection of Terminix products and services. We worked with the Terminix marketing team to establish parameters for an extensive test grid including variations for climate zone, personalization, design, and strategic messaging.

We tracked the efficacy of each communication throughout early waves, then optimized communications throughout the season to go with the most impactful messaging approaches. And taking our tracking further, we developed the corresponding landing pages, web sites, and sales collateral for Terminix. One consumer conversation led precisely to the next across all touch points funneling action purposefully from likely prospect to serious lead to customer.

All Terminix campaign pieces worked together. While we tested numerous variations, we maintained a design scheme and voice that consistently reinforced the Terminix brand. Our work also included TV campaigns synced with the DM, email, and website approaches.

The results were measured and analyzed. They regularly surpassed projections. And our team then continued working to find ways to surpass those results as well.


ServiceMaster, the Terminix parent company, was so pleased with our results that they handed us the TruGreen Lawn Care account as well. Applying the same disciplined testing approach we had used to drive the Terminix business, we grew a thriving data-driven communications machine for TruGreen.

We optimized direct mail pieces, introduced email campaigns into the mix, created banner ads, and developed a robust e-commerce site capable of customizing content to the local lawn-types of the site visitor.

Our communications drew the consumer in, educated them, established TruGreen localization credibility, and gave customers a way to choose exactly the plan that fit their lawn and their budget.

Terminix Commercial

The B2B arm of Terminix was our chance to target high-value audiences. With campaigns for Terminix Commercial, we knew exactly who we were talking to, what they were dealing with and where to reach them. This gave us the opportunity to invest in communication pieces that could really capture the attention of the audience and create engagement. And that’s exactly what we did when Terminix Commercial asked for our help getting a foot in the door with hotel chains during a bed bug epidemic.

We helped the Terminix team develop special bed bug recognition guides to be used by in-room staff. The guides allowed staff members like maids and plumbers to spot signs of bed bugs so Terminix could be called before an infestation spread shutting down an entire floor or the whole property.

Along with designing the bed bug recognition guides, our team came up with a way to get samples of the guides into the hands of the key decision-makers at the hotel companies. That led to the creation of a custom DM campaign these key stakeholders couldn’t miss and wouldn’t forget…a mattress of bed bugs.

Our DM piece drove calls. Companies like Hilton, Marriott, and Accor wanted in immediately. And when the Terminix Commercial representatives went to meet with the hotel chain executives, the bed bug mattresses were right there on display in their offices.

Response-driven is…

Whether creating these campaigns for Terminix and TruGreen or other response-driven work like retargeting ads, conquest geofencing, SEO copy, or CRM campaigns for companies like American Airlines, Subaru, GSK, Nationwide Insurance, and DISCOVER, the key has been driving and measuring results.

It’s not just the solid testing framework and disciplined method. It’s not just creativity and strong graphic design.

It’s all of that together.

Imagination plus discipline in equal parts…in sync and working to drive action.

That is the essence of response-driven communications.