Audi Interactive Signage

January 4, 2019

The process of buying a car has changed dramatically in recent years. From websites to showrooms, shoppers expect richer, more interactive ways to experience the advantages of a given model or brand. That’s what our team created with an entirely new kind of interactive showroom signage.


While earlier dealership signage could fill showrooms with dramatic imagery and convey important messages, it wasn’t able to gather vital feedback from consumers. With our interactive approach, we built in the ability to track traditional digital metrics like page views and length of engagement as well as new sorts of analytics like age, gender, and even mood via facial recognition technology.


Rather than just showing and telling, our interactive signage approach allowed Audi shoppers to experience Audi advantages like quattro All-Wheel Drive, pre sense active safety technology, Audi virtual cockpit, and matrix LED headlights.


Rather than communicating about just a few select vehicles in the showroom, our signage allowed Audi shoppers to learn more about the specific vehicle of their interest. And we were able to do so without having to spend extra money on signage printing or taking up valuable showroom space.


The IA and UX of this interactive experience was designed to extend from its relatively simple touchscreen format to bold new means of engagement like LED glass walls, projection mapping, and augmented reality tools.