Audi Heritage Posters

For all the noise the Audi Heritage Poster Series made in the award shows, they began very quietly…in fact, without so much as an assignment.

Our team simply sat down to explore the Audi brand soon after we’d been awarded the account. We went from shiny shots of modern Audi models racing along curved roads and began to deconstruct, going back into the Audi history and into more and more abstract images. We fine-tuned images until they made statements without need of words. Then we explored the range of ways they could be used to build the Audi brand – posters, direct mail pieces, social media, showroom banners, CRM elements for Audi enthusiasts, and more.

You’ll see them here in their purest original form. Kudos to Anthony Franzino, Kevin Forister, and Nick Kidd for bringing the vision and pushing tirelessly far beyond anything that had been asked.