Under Canvas

For Under Canvas, just talking the joys of camping does not cut it. 

This company delivers a unique 5-star experience in truly exceptional natural settings across North America. What they offer is a blend of REI and the Ritz Carlton. We brought Under Canvas offerings to life with a collection of posts and articles lifting SEO and driving passion for amazing experiences.



The Greatest Gift Under the Sky

This holiday season, you can put a mountain vista in a stocking. You can fit a canyon into a card. You can wrap up a thousand-pound moose and a star-filled night. It’s easy.

Okay, while these gifts may actually be too big to physically stick under a tree, the gift of an Under Canvas glamping excursion makes it possible. See what happens when you give the amazement of a hike through Zion, experience of wilderness sightings around Yellowstone, or a donkey ride to the floor of the Grand Canyon. Accompany any of those world-class experiences with the four-star luxury of a king-sized bed and a warm tub in an incredibly comfortable canvas tent.

Incredible Locations and Treatment

The gift of an Under Canvas trip can offer your friends, family, and virtually anyone else a special experience they will never forget. Accompanied by knowledgeable guides, concierge service, and menus fit for top restaurants, a venture with Under Canvas turns premier outdoor destinations into unforgettable resort getaways.

Under Canvas offers camps at national parks including Zion, Moab, Yellowstone, Glacier, Mount Rushmore, the Great Smoky Mountains and the Grand Canyon. We also offer adventures like kayaking or horseback trips in California, the Cascades, Montana, and Maine. Whichever destination you choose, the activities will get the adrenaline flowing by day while the plush beds and gourmet meals will create a pampered feeling by night.

It’s camping in the best spots possible, but without the need to gather permits or load a car full of gear. Under Canvas has all of that covered. Just show up with your suitcase and let amazement pour in.

Here’s one example of the gift you can offer with Under Canvas.

Glamping at Glacier

When you take an Under Canvas excursion to Glacier National Park, you’re visiting the crown jewel of North America. The park covers a massive 1,583 square miles of Montana wilderness spanning all the way to Canada. More than 700 miles of trails offer you rich opportunities for hiking and backpacking. The Going-to-the-Sun Road brings you incredible views of the park’s mountains, valleys, rivers, and — of course — glaciers. You can also find great opportunities to spot all kinds of wildlife from tiny chipmunks to mountain goats to massive grizzly bears.

As for the famed glaciers, they’re part of everything in the park. They carved the valleys over millions of years. They feed the streams today. There are some you can hike to and touch for yourself. There are others never touched by man that you can view from the air.

You get all the park has to offer by day plus luxurious accommodations every night at the Under Canvas campsite. You can relax in a warm bath, re-energize with delicious meals, and get a deep restful sleep under warm down covers. When you wake up in the morning, your Under Canvas hosts are ready with a warm breakfast and all the expert information you need to plan your next day’s adventures.

Adventure Made Easy

Under Canvas provides service every step of the way. Contact us to help plan every aspect of your trip from setting dates and locations, to helping plan travel and transfers. We work hard to make sure you won’t need to.

Set course for a gift that will be etched in fond memories forever. To plan an Under Canvas glamping outing as a present this holiday season, visit UnderCanvas.com today. Simply pick the destination and we’ll put a bow on your world-class experience.



Mount Rushmore with the Presidential Treatment

There’s just no more perfect place than Mount Rushmore to receive the presidential treatment…and that is exactly what Under Canvas has created. Right there, in view of this grand monument, Under Canvas has stayed true to their reputation as a top glamping company by setting up a camp worthy of the greatest American leaders.

Under Canvas has established a luxurious glamping camp including their renowned resort-class tents and tipis in this special Black Hills location. The camp experience brings you first-class treatment in the wild surroundings with dignified amenities like trained chefs, warm bathtubs, and concierge service.

Just steps from your tent, tours of the Mount Rushmore monument offer incredible views of the 60-foot faces of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. Beyond just taking in the wonder of this massive tribute, you can learn the stories of Gutzon and Lincoln Borglum, the father and son artists who created the sculptures. You’ll also be on hand to witness the beautiful lighting ceremony that gives the monument beautiful new life at night. And Mount Rushmore is just a fraction of the possible South Dakota experiences.

Using your Under Canvas camp as a home base, you can explore a range of incredible sights throughout South Dakota. In Badlands National Park, you can hike through dramatic canyons and towering spires. At the Crazy Horse Memorial, you can view ongoing construction of the world’s largest mountain monument. And also close by, you can take in the distinct form of Devil’s Tower or enjoy the view from atop Black Elk Peak, the highest natural point in South Dakota.

For those who want to spot wildlife, the landscapes are home to everything from prairie dogs to mountain sheep to bison. For those seeking adventure, the Black Hills offer ample opportunities for hiking, climbing, biking, kayaking and more. Whatever your taste, an Under Canvas Mount Rushmore venture will combine the majesty of art on a grand scale, exciting outdoors settings, and treatment worthy of, well, presidents.

Whatever itinerary you prefer, Under Canvas can plan it all and put it all together for with amazing all-inclusive packages. To treat yourself, your family and your friends to this breathtaking experience of Mount Rushmore and South Dakota visit our Mount Rushmore page. To learn more about any of the many rich Under Canvas experiences, visit UnderCanvas.com today.



THREE Resolutions You’ll LOVE… and KEEP

We all play a game with resolutions. It happens each new year. We pledge to watch what we eat, exercise more, or be better to ourselves in some way. We swear that this is the year we follow through. We join gyms, collect recipes, and mark calendars to make good on our pledge. Then, well, life gets in the way. By February, we don’t even remember what our resolution was. But that can change.

This year, when New Year’s Eve comes around, you can make three big resolutions and keep every one of them. Our Under Canvas glamping experts will make sure it’s a pure pleasure.

The Three Best Resolutions Ever

Part of the problem with resolutions is that they usually sound like something negative. They don’t feel like something you would look forward to. You will, however, look forward to the three resolutions Under Canvas proposes. Here they are:

  1. Spend more time outside
  2. Do something amazing
  3. Treat yourself

Sounds good so far, right? They’re positive, they’re healthy, and they could even change your life for the better. So, what’s the deal? How is Under Canvas going to help you to both remember AND fulfill these resolutions well past January?

As a top provider of glamping experiences, Under Canvas creates incredible, luxurious camping experiences in some of the most beautiful and breathtaking settings in the U.S. If you resolve to take part in an Under Canvas camping trip this year, your three resolutions — spend more time outside, do something amazing, and treat yourself really well — are going to be remembered and fulfilled. Guaranteed. Here’s how it will happen.

Spend More Time Outside

This isn’t just a resolution to spend time outside your house or apartment. It’s a resolution to spend time taking in natural wonders, seeing towering mountains, exploring deep canyons, or painted deserts. Unlike other resolutions, you won’t be tempted to rationalize why you’d rather just stay indoors to binge on the new Netflix original series. You won’t be forcing yourself to go for a strained jog around the block. This is a venture that’ll have you excited to get out, see the sights, and breathe the fresh air.

Do Something Amazing

Look up amazing in the dictionary and the picture you see there will likely be the view from an Under Canvas camping trip. Picture Yellowstone geysers, the Great Smokey Mountains or the Grand Canyon, just to name a few. If you would count seeing a bear, or standing on a cliff edge or kayaking down a river as amazing, consider this resolution achieved with Under Canvas. Whatever your preferred level of challenge – whether you’re a die-hard thrill seeker or sufficiently impressed by a short hike and world-class sunset – amazement is on the menu.

Treat Yourself

This is the one most of us really need. We work like crazy. We chase goals. We fulfill responsibilities. However, we rarely take the opportunity to treat ourselves like we should. Under Canvas takes care of that. Our glamping getaways bring off-the-charts comfort and luxury to all of our amazing locations. We’re talking luxury tents with king-sized beds and down comforters. You’ll relax in your tent’s warm bath tub. You’ll dine on gourmet camp meals. You’ll be catered to, guided, and pampered in ways you’d expect from the finest luxury resorts. And, of course, you’ll experience all of this while enjoying amazing adventures in America’s greatest outdoor settings. Consider a third resolution to be fulfilled, checked off, and mastered.

Resolve to Enjoy

So, how about it? Are you up for a better approach to resolutions this year? The kind of resolutions you’ll actually want to fulfill? Don’t you think it would be nice to look back on the year and say, yes I did get outside more, do something amazing and treat myself well?It’s all about having the right resolutions. An Under Canvas trip makes it effortless to see them through.

To learn more about glamping or Under Canvas camps, adventures, and events visit UnderCanvas.com today. You’ll find ample opportunities to experience some of the world’s most incredible settings in incredible comfort. You will find all kinds of resolutions you’ll love to keep.




Putting More Family Into Your Family Vacation

Picture a family vacation that’s truly about family. Imagine parents and kids actually spending the day together exploring and being amazed instead of splitting off for separate activities. Imagine the entire group taking in sights like mountain vistas instead of social media sites. Imagine everyone waking up to sounds like birds chirping instead of sounds like a TV host gabbing. Well, the people at a company called Under Canvas believe this kind of togetherness is what a family vacation should be all about. And they now offer a wide range of experiences families can share all across North America.

A different approach

On an Under Canvas vacation, your family isn’t separated by different activities. Instead, you are brought together by sharing adventures in the shadow of natural wonders. You share meals prepared by camp cooks. You share wondrous views of star-filled skies. You share time looking at mountain vistas, canyons and rivers so amazing that no one thinks to look at a phone or tablet instead. And you share a tent—not the kind you have to set up and squeeze into, but a luxury canvas tent with big comfortable beds and a bath.

A day truly shared

Your family’s day on an Under Canvas glamping trip might look like this: All of you, including your dog, wake up in a spacious tent. Everyone is refreshed from a good night’s sleep on comfortable beds with down comforters. As you and your family rise, you step outside to see the sun coming up over canyon lands or Appalachian forests or maybe a glacier. You go just a few steps to enjoy a breakfast prepared by the camp chef as you begin to plan a day together.

After pulling on boots, the whole family sets out on a hike you learned about from your expert guide. The trail is suited just right to everyone’s abilities. There seems to be an incredible view around every bend. The only reason anyone reaches for a phone the entire time is to capture breathtaking pictures of the sights. Maybe you spot a fox or even a moose along the way. Maybe you reach a waterfall and soak your toes before heading back. You build memories to share. It’s a day your family will remember over and over for years.

In the evening, you’ll return to the camp site for fun and dining together by the campfire. As night falls, you’ll see more stars in the sky than you’ve ever spotted before. And before too long, you’ll be beckoned by the call of a hot bath and warm bed.

Not the exception

The picture painted here of a family experience with Under Canvas is the rule, not the exception. There are 11 Under Canvas camps and adventures across the U.S. Your family can choose from experiences like taking a horseback ride along the Grand Canyon, rafting in the Cascades, cliff climbing along the coast of Maine or bear-spotting in Yellowstone. The adventures appeal to a broad range of interests. The experiences bring families together…the way a family vacation should.

To check out the range of incredible experiences available and see what your family could be doing together—truly together—on your next vacation, visit UnderCanvas.com to get the whole picture. There is a package just for you. There are locations from coast to coast. And there are accommodations for families and groups of all sizes. It’s something you just have to experience first hand…a family vacation everyone in the family enjoys together.